Live Support Hours

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday
(excludes State, Federal and designated holidays)

Outside of regular hours, critical needs support is provided at priority billing rates.

Telephone Contact

Call 808-265-8871

Send facsimile to 808-735-3750


To report web site and network emergencies call 808-265-8871.


Clients with web hosted services are provided up to one hour monthly of support to include web site development and production services. Clients will be billed for any support work performed beyond one hour each month.

The following work is not billable: network maintenance and updates, WordPress core updates, themes and plugins maintenance and updates.

New web site clients will be provided, free of charge, up to two hours of instruction on the basics of updating and managing their web sites. This instruction is available free of charge during the first six months from completion of the web site. The instruction shall be in the form of a workshop or personal tutoring session. Additional instruction would be available at hourly or workshop fees.

TAPACOM does not provide support for services hosted on other networks. And TAPACOM does not provide support for issues on client machines and user applications.

Email Support